Base for XL table

Base for XL table

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Transparent table base in XL format.

Dimensions: cm.

The base is made of GreenCast (Polymethylmethacrylate), the only plastic material that can be recycled in order to obtain the original raw material again, the monomer. 


GreenCast Features:

  • Green Cast® is produced using 100% recycled raw material (recycled monomer methyl methacrylate) and can be recycled countless times.
  • Green cast® slabs are a high quality product, produced in Italy.
  • Green Cast® has the same mechanical and physical properties as the slabs produced from virgin raw material.
  • Green Cast® complies with ISO 7823.1
  • Green Cast® is free of VOC and HFC
  • the production of the Green Cast® sheets needs less water and generates less CO2 than the production of acrylic sheets produced with virgin raw material, drastically reducing the carbon foot print.
  • reduction in the use of raw materials
  • reuse of products at the end of their life cycle and PMMA waste
  • respect for the environment and its primary resources
  • waste reduction, destined for landfills or incineration
  • reduction of carbon foot print (CO emissions2)
  • reduction of impacts: POCP, EP, AP, ODP



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